holiday hintlist

Dropping a hint to the gift you want this holiday season probably looks a little something like this:

So what if you could tell people what you really want with a playlist instead?
Using the entire Spotify library, we created over 100 playlists tied to the most popular gifts only using the actual song titles found on Spotify.

Holiday Hintlist resulted in a first of it’s kind brand campaign on Spotify - and my Discover Weekly being forever changed to songs about "Samsung."

Plus so much more

Cannes Shortlist 2018 - Consumer Services
Cannes Shortlist 2018 - Retail & Customer Promotions
Cannes Shortlist 2018 - Customer Acquisition
AICP Finalist 2018
ADC Bronze Winner 2018 - Mobile E-Commerce Site
Shorty Finalist 2018 - Mobile Campaign

Partner: Nancy Nystrom