#UNCOVERM - Meningitis Awareness Campaign

Freelanced for Allen Hall Advertising at the University of Oregon, and created a 9 day guerrilla campaign for meningitis awareness.

STATS: In 9 days, #UNCOVERM had become the most successful University of Oregon advertising campaign ever. And with our website and messaging we were able to reach 1 in 4 of the 20,000 University of Oregon undergrads. Breaking webmail benchmarks with a 53% open rate (benchmark being 20%) and 21% unique clicks (benchmark being only 3%). 

Twitter Clues (Start of each clue spelled Meningitis):

Campus Take Over:

Twitter Examples:

TV take over videos:


Account Management: Chris Drachkovitch and Spice Walker
Strategy: Dani Allen and Joe Packer
Writers: Zachary McKinney and Tommy Woods
Designers: Delaney Pratt and Hayley Lane
Website Design: Delaney Pratt
Video Designer: Bryan Tietge
Concept: Zachary McKinney